About Us

Admit Consultancy was formed in 2014 by Alan Munday who has over 25 years experience in IT and business roles covering a number of industry sectors including Financial Services, Car Rental, Retail and Communications. Admit Consultancy's mantra is to help businesses exploit information technology in pursuit of business objectives, utilising technology and IT departments as a partner in the delivery, support and service of the business operations.

With a wide range of real life experience in organisational transformation, development, support, project management, service delivery and service management, Admit Consultancy is able to cover a wide range of disciplines all focussed on delivering true business benefit. By understanding the business requirements and strategy, Admit Consultancy can work with organisations to manage the definition and introduction of new services, or on-going support and enhancement of existing services, as well as transforming the organisation through a business change programme.

Working independently or with carefully selected partners, Admit Consultancy can be positioned as an extension to the internal IT organisation and help deliver true business value.

To discuss specific opportunities or to find out more about Admit Consultancy please contact Alan Munday at alan@admitconsultancy.co.uk